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​4 Factors To Consider Before Investing in Crowdfunding Deals

There’s been a lot of talk about investor education in crowdfunding deals, so I thought I’d take a couple moments to write about what I look for when investing. Before we dive in though, please know that I am NOT a financial advisor or any sort of investing or wealth management expert. You should not […]

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A World Tour of Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns

Nathan Rose is the Director of Assemble Advisory, an agency which specializes in helping businesses raise equity through crowdfunding. Originally from New Zealand, Nathan constantly crisscrosses the planet and speaks to entrepreneurs from around the world who have had success with equity crowdfunding. His insights have been captured in his book available on Amazon, “Equity […]

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The JOBS Act Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups or JOBS Act is celebrating its 5th year anniversary. This is the law enacted during the Obama administration that legalized three different iterations of investment crowdfunding. The JOBS Act under Title II enabled Reg D (506c) issuers to “generally solicit” or advertise online and elsewhere thus ushering in a new […]

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