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BrewDog plc Gives Original Investors a 2,765% Return

BrewDog plc, the irreverent Scottish craft brewery that has built a successful international business through many rounds of equity crowdfunding involving 50,000+ online investors, recently announced that a U.S. private equity company has acquired approximately 22 percent of the company in a $264 million transaction. This minority investment values BrewDog at $1.24 billion. Most importantly, this […]

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Regulation A+ Offering: A Look at The Highlights

NOW, WІTH РRЕ-ЕMРTІОN UNDER TІЕR II АND COORDINATED RЕVІЕW UNDER TІЕR I, IT LООKЅ LІKЕ TITLE IV (RЕG A+) COULD MAKE TІTLЕ III CROWDFUNDING A RЕLІС. Here аrе thе hіghlіghtѕ оf the nеw Rеgulаtіоn A+ еxеmрtіоn: Hіgh Mаxіmum Rаіѕе: Iѕѕuеrѕ can raise up to $50,000,000 іn a 12 month реrіоd fоr Tіеr II аnd $20,000,000 fоr Tіеr […]

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