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Report Updates on Reg A+ & Reg CF Investment Crowdfunding Progress During 2017

Earlier this year, Amit Singh, an attorney and shareholder in the west coast law firm of Stradling, compiled data for Reg CF and Reg A+ issuers for 2017. These two securities exemptions represent two of the three rules that enable crowdfunding in the US and the two rules that allow non-accredited investors to participate in an investment […]

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Why the JOBS Act has not caught on with Broadway producers

Broadway producers have the ability to reach out to a large, untapped pool of investors, but few have taken up the option. Under the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, known as the JOBS Act, producers could raise up to $50 million for their shows from average Americans, rather than wealthy individuals, and separately have the […]

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Most Mini-IPOs Fail the Market Test

For years economists and others have complained that the U.S. suffers from a lack of dynamic young businesses. In 2012, a solution called The JOBS Act promised to cure this malaise by easing the rules for small stock offerings. We were supposed to get new jobs and new industries. Instead, we’ve gotten GoFundMe-style websites hawking […]

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