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Crowdfunding evolves from source of capital to a test market for startups

Nine years ago, Bobbie Carlton started hosting a once-a-month get together for startups to mix, meet and get advice. By 2014, the Boston-area marketer for tech companies and entrepreneurs found herself invited to one-too-many “all-male, all-pale” discussion panels, noting the lack of women and people of color represented. “I would think, ‘I know 20 women […]

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3 essential tips for startups before starting a crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding has become a crucial part of many startups, and through various platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, countless budding entrepreneurs have met their goals. Some of the most successful startups include Bitvore and Pono Music. They are great on their own, but their success would’ve been hard to achieve without an amazing crowdfunding campaign. There […]

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The Benefits Of Crowdfunding For Investors And Businesses

Although relatively new to the Norway region, many areas of the world utilize crowdfunding. Whether it be a start-up project or needing a little more push for your business, crowdfunding is beneficial for every level of businesses and investors. So how does crowdfunding benefit the investor and the business? First, we need to understand what […]

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