Perspective: How Regulation Crowdfunding Has Fallen Short of its Goal

The vision Behind Regulation Crowdfunding Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF) allows any business to raise up to $1.07 million without a public registeration with the Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”). The idea behind Regulation Crowdfunding is to enable small businesses and startups to leverage the advertising power of the internet to raise small amounts of money from […]

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Reg CF Hits New Monthly High in July Crowdfunding $10.7 Million

StartEngine has just published its monthly index of Reg  CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) campaigns and raises. According to their tally, July was a banner month with issuers raising $10.7 million – new monthly high for 2018. In aggregate, since Reg CF became usable in 2016, issuers have raised $127.9 million in total. While still a relatively small […]

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The New Type of Funding All Small Businesses Should Know

There is no shortage of headlines about how the latest tech startup managed to raise millions of dollars in venture capital. But what if you own a bakery, restaurant, or small home-remodeling business that doesn’t catch of the eye of VCs? Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) still need money for equipment or to expand operations, […]

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Is Crowdfunding a Viable Equity Source for Development?

Crowdfunding platforms have soared into popularity in recent years as an alternative capital source—both for debt and equity. Crowdfunding platforms have been used largely for real estate investment of existing assets, but developers may be opening up to using crowdfunding as an equity source for ground-up development. Jonathan Genton of Genton Property Group has used crowdfunding platforms on ground-up […]

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Does Crowdfunding Work in Venture Capital?

Investors may wish they’d never heard the words “Reg A+”, a class of small stock offerings unleashed by a 2012 federal law dubbed the JOBS Act. These mini-IPOs have performed poorly, on average, and led to some alarming fraud allegations.  But Ryan Feit believes that profit-making prospects remain promising for deals done under the  other part of the JOBS Act, which enables crowdfunding. Feit […]

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