How Crowdfunding Is Disrupting VCs

Last month, we celebrated the two-year anniversary of Regulation Crowdfunding. In its first year, 335 companies raised more than $40 million in capital, averaging $282,000 from 312 investors per campaign. This year the regulation has continued to gain momentum. As of May 31, 2018, there have been 927 offerings across 66 industries and 45 states that […]

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Congress just wound back Wall Street’s clock and throttled innovation

With financial deregulation headed to President Trump’s desk, more major banks will soon return to business as usual. Innovators will find it harder to compete, and Main Street will pay the price. Congress has just approved a bipartisan rollback of major banking regulations. This evening the House of Representatives passed a bill that cleared the […]

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Equity Crowdfunding Is Changing the Funding Landscape for Underrepresented Founders

The research findings are indisputable – diverse teams perform better. They create higher profitability, higher returns for investors, a faster pace to profitability and deliver overall better business performance. Despite the mounting evidence and calls for progress, particularly in Silicon Valley, the prospects remain dire for minority founders seeking traditional startup funding. In 2017, all-women founding teams […]

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Does Crowdfunding Work in Venture Capital?

Investors may wish they’d never heard the words “Reg A+”, a class of small stock offerings unleashed by a 2012 federal law dubbed the JOBS Act. These mini-IPOs have performed poorly, on average, and led to some alarming fraud allegations.  But Ryan Feit believes that profit-making prospects remain promising for deals done under the  other part of the JOBS Act, which enables crowdfunding. Feit […]

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Equity crowdfunding is eroding the best returns VC funds used to enjoy

There’s been a sea change in Series A investment rounds that has been gradually – but persistently – eating away at venture capital (VC) funds’ highest-ROI category investments, and the reason it’s happening may surprise you. According to Cooley’s VC trends, the median Series A valuation has moved up from $16.5 million to $23.0 million in just […]

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