The Benefits Of Crowdfunding For Investors And Businesses

Although relatively new to the Norway region, many areas of the world utilize crowdfunding. Whether it be a start-up project or needing a little more push for your business, crowdfunding is beneficial for every level of businesses and investors. So how does crowdfunding benefit the investor and the business? First, we need to understand what […]

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$75 Million: Reg A+ Cap Expansion Could See More ICOs File in the US

We’ve written in the past about the various methods companies in the United States can go about raising money via an ICO/token offering.  One of the main methods we mentioned was the use of Regulation A+, something traditionally utilized by smaller companies to IPO that’s been embraced by cryptocurrency companies in the U.S. The problem is as […]

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Regulation A+: For Smaller Companies (and ICOs) a Better Way to Go Public?

With the proliferation of smaller companies seeking to grow their businesses, gain credibility and access capital, Regulation A+ is now increasingly being used as a fundraising tool. Private companies that want to publicly raise equity capital have historically had to endure the lengthy, difficult and expensive process required to undertake an initial public offering (IPO). […]

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