Alternative Finance Update: Key Crowdfunding Trends

By David Drake Alternative Finance is on the rise, and it is set to conquer a 3.3 trillion market opportunity. It includes crowdfunding, peer to peer lending, equity crowdfunding, financial technologies, or fintech, invoice trading and more. The rapid evolution of regulations, associated technologies and support structures that were ruled out in the past for […]

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Making Investment Crowdfunding Work Better for Startups and Investors

By Evan Engstrom The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) was signed in law over three years ago and in that time, it’s had a notable impact on the startup economy. The IPO “on-ramp” has made it easier for private companies to go public, general solicitation has allowed startups to openly solicit investment from […]

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Inside Equity Crowdfunding: The Quire Difference

Posted By Editorial Staff Why do people give money on Kickstarter and other similar crowdfunding sites? According to Crowdfund Insider, people give to: Receive a unique reward; this could be something as simple as an acknowledgement as a funder, or include some sort of premium available only to funders. Share a connection with people […]

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Turn Your Customers Into Investors

By Sally Outlaw Too many entrepreneurs these days are overlooking their best source of investment capital: their own communities of fans and customers. While many business owners leverage their networks for rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns, they neglect to use these same groups for investment-based growth capital. Typically, investment in privately held companies is associated with venture capitalists and accredited investors. But, increasingly, […]

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