How Crowdfunding Has Influenced Start-Ups

You have a great idea that you would like to bring to the market. However, you have little to no capital in kick-starting product development. Furthermore, you don’t really have the business acumen and the research and development needed to make a solid business presentation to a group of investors. So, how do you go […]

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Should You Invest in Start-Ups?

The JOBS Act opened up the equity crowdsourcing movement. It’s now possible to invest in startups — but should you? Would you like to invest in the next Airbnb, Dropbox, or Uber — one of the so-called unicorns of Silicon Valley? Investing in early stage businesses is risky, but it can be extremely lucrative. Between […]

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House bill stands to jump-start mining projects

In this time of hyper-partisan gridlock, a little-noticed bipartisan bill recently passed by the House of Representatives that has the potential to jump-start American mining projects that have been largely stuck due to a poor financing environment for natural resource firms. H.R. 2864, the Improving Access to Capital Act, passed by an overwhelming 403-3 vote. […]

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What Works In Equity Crowdfunding — Insights From Research

As we have recently celebrated the fourth anniversary of the signing of the JOBS Act into law, it is a good time to take stock of the effect that the legislature had on equity crowdfunding in the United States. It is important to note, that equity crowdfunding is distinct from the rewards-based crowdfunding, exemplified by Kickstarter, in […]

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