JOBS Act Capital-Raising a Moderate Success

How effective has the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act been at spurring unregistered offerings of debt and equity securities? The division of economic and risk analysis (DERA) of the Securities and Exchange Commission released a report late Tuesday that attempted to provide some statistical evidence for the debate. Congress directed the SEC to compile the report to […]

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Here’s how start-ups get funded before they’re ready for venture capital

Fledgling businesses rarely command seed or venture funding right out of the gate. But they still need cash to get started. While entrepreneurs have more capital sources than ever before, they’re also faced with a ton of misinformation. For example, a PwC report last month raved about crowdfunding and how it’s helping female founders get ahead in […]

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The Psychology of Crowdfunding

Working with crowdfunders for nearly five years we’ve seen and heard almost everything.  While I could write a book – or perhaps even a series of books – on all the different experiences, observations and encounters I’ve accumulated over time – I’m writing this article with a single focus; the psychology of crowdfunding. From almost any […]

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What types of shares do I own when investing via crowdfunding platforms?

Saul Gindill, senior investment associate at Seedrs, writes exclusively for What Investment on the different types of share classes available to private investors investing via crowdfunding sites. What share class / type of shares and rights will I have as a retail investor on an equity crowdfunding platform if at times I am investing along […]

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8 Things Founders Must Know About Equity Crowdfunding

Since President Obama passed the JOBS act in 2012, we’ve been witnessing the beginning of a new movement in the U.S. – one that empowers entrepreneurs to raise money from almost anyone, anywhere. It’s a movement that removes the barriers to fundraising so that it’s not just those who know the right people or who […]

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